TP-LINK Powerline Starter Kit TL-PA8010, AV1200 Gigabit, Ver. 1.0

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TP-LINK Powerline Starter Kit TL-PA8010, AV1200 Gigabit, Ver. 1.0

-HomePlug AV2 standard compliant*
-Line-Neutral/Line-Ground 2?2 MIMO with Beamforming ensures larger range, higher transmission capacity and more stable connections
-Gigabit port provides secure wired networks for desktops, smart TVs or games consoles
-Plug and play, no configuration required
-Patented Power-Saving Mode automatically reduces power consumption by up to 85%**

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
Standards and Protocols: HomePlug AV2, HomePlug AV, IEEE 1901, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab
Interface: 1x Gigabit Ethernet Port
Button: Pair Button
Power Consumption: Maximum: 5.7W, Typical: 4.7W Standby: 1.4W
LED Indicator: PWR, PLC, ETH
Dimensions ( W x D x H ): 123 x 68 x 30 mm
Range: 300 Meters over electrical circuit
Modulation Technology: OFDM (PLC)
Encryption: Powerline Security: 128-bit AES

Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας
Powerline Ethernet Adapter
CAT.5e Ethernet cable (RJ45) 2m
Quick Installation Guide

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