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The Meccano Spykee Spy Robot is a high tech machine that can guard your home and keep in contact with you via the internet: Wireless control from anywhere in the world! Spykee is equipped with a camera, microphone and WiFi allowing you to use your PC to keep control of this mobile CCTV robot from anywhere in the world. With a built-in motion detector Spykee can detect movements, sound an alarm on your computer and incredibly send you a picture of the target.
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Meccano allows you to build this robot yourself and offers a number of different looks. When finished let Spykee free to run around listening, watching and even lets you talk to people. Being compatible with Skype software you can use Spykee as a webcam and talk to friends over the internet or play your MP3 music through it's speaker. When the batteries are low, Spykee automatically goes back to the docking station to recharge, without any help from a human.


One Meccano Spykee Spy Robot
Controlled by WiFi from a computer
Play MP3 through it's speakers
Built in camera in head
3x different Spykee looks
Acts as a webcam to send pictures
Talk to friends via a microphone
Motion detector and alarm
Low power auto return to docking station
Full instructions included
Suitable for age 8 years and up
Supplied in attractive gift box
Size: Spykee Spy Robot W 22cm x H 32cm x D 22cm

You can see or download the manual here.

Download the software from here

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